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If you are looking forward to sourcing your products from India, then you are in the right place. OHP export-import is one of the best sourcing agents in USA that offers you a one-stop solution for your sourcing needs regardless of the size of your company. We carefully cater to the specific needs of our clients and leave no stone unturned to maximize client satisfaction. We offer a clear and personalized strategy that is tailored to our clients’ needs. Our staff of skilled sourcing experts is well-versed in the manufacturing circumstances in India. At OHP, we ensure that we locate the most dependable Indian manufacturers with the lowest manufacturing costs without jeopardizing product quality.

We are the most trusted product sourcing companies in USA and have a network of 2000+ suppliers spread across the country. And thanks to our extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers, we can source any product according to our client’s demands. Having our offices in more than 10 metro cities in India, we utilize all our resources to connect you with top-quality suppliers and provide you with outstanding services.

Services Offered by Us!

We are privileged to provide our clients a dynamic sourcing approach in nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, and many more across the world. We are pioneers in breaking the stigma that sourcing products from India are difficult. Integrity is at the heart of all we do at OHP Export-Import, and our values are what set us apart from the rest of the pack. We operate as a spokesperson for your company, utilizing our experience as trade experts to locate low-cost manufacturing locations in India that meet the highest quality standards and have the shortest lead times.

Product Development and Sourcing

At OHP, we manage everything from the ground up, including prototype, development, sample, manufacturing, and logistics. We provide full-service product production and sourcing. We ensure that you receive the product of your choice, and we ensure that product quality and lead times are never compromised due to our long-standing relationships with our array of suppliers. As a result, you may be confident in the quality of your items.

Quality control and Assurance

We are a leading sourcing agent in USA and we make certain that the things we create exceed our high-quality standards. Depending on the goods, we do a variety of tests such as surface testing, technical testing, and another specialist testing. If any manufacturing problems or errors are discovered, we guarantee that your items are thoroughly examined.

Warehousing and Supply chain Management

A simplified supply chain management is made possible by our network of warehouses and fulfillment centers. We have the ability to manage enormous volumes of inventory from large corporations as well as inventories from medium to small businesses. To promote transparency and risk minimization, our team of representatives acts as buying agents for our Indian suppliers.

Manage Shipping and Logistics

In India, managing freight and clearing customs is a time-consuming operation but our logistics experts have simplified this process for our clients. Our staff of highly experienced freight forwarders ensures that your items are transported safely and securely, whether you need airfreight, LCL, FCL, or air cargo.

Products We Specialize In

Furniture Sourcing Company in India - OHP Export Import


OHP is India's leading furniture procurement agency and offers a very simplified process for furniture sourcing from India. OHP offers a cost-effective method to help you get a decent deal and we are one of the few sourcing organizations that source directly from Indian manufacturers. We offer a risk-free service in which we completely disclose all manufacturer/factory information to you. We would be delighted to bring any of your initiatives to life, whether you are a hotel, a family home, a restaurant, or a multinational corporation.

Handicrafts from India

Sourcing handicrafts from India is a very difficult operation owing to the fact that the majority of handicrafts are made in rural places. It takes a tremendous effort to firstly locate a handicraft manufacturer who meets our quality standards and then partner with them. But with OHP, you won’t have to deal with all these unnecessary worries as we have simplified this process for you. We have a very firm relationship with our manufacturers who can produce all types of handicraft products as per the needs of the client. Special efforts are made to ensure the quality of products. By partnering with rural craftsmen, we also help them to generate income and improve their living standards.

Textiles and clothing

OHP is the best place to go if you're looking for a textile sourcing firm in India. Being the best apparel sourcing companies in USA, we are experts in locating raw materials, household textiles, and clothing. Our dynamic team of textile specialists does all the legwork to discover the top textile merchants in India so you can receive the best price. Being the pioneer apparel and textile buying agents in India, we connect you with the best suppliers that can supply you with the highest quality, quickest lead time, and best customer service.

Why Choose Us?

OHP export-import being one of the most prominent sourcing companies in USA is trusted by people all over the world. Here are some of the factors that sets us apart from everyone else and why you should opt for our services only:

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What does a sourcing agency do?

A sourcing agency helps a company that is looking forward to sourcing their desired product from the respective country. They help them in various ways such as making the prototypes of the product, producing the product, storing the product and shipping the product.

How can I know if my sourcing agent is reliable?

There are numerous ways to know if you have a reliable and verified sourcing agent. A trusted sourcing agent will freely provide you with the supplier information and may also show you his previous client reviews. A reliable sourcing agent never charges a hidden commission fee. To get rid of all your doubts and queries, it is advised that you should organize an online meeting with your agent.

What if I don’t get the product I wanted?

It is very frustrating when you don’t get the product you wanted or get a low-quality product as it is a complete loss of time and money. At OHP, we tackle this problem by sending a sample before we start production so that we may comply with the standards of the client. In case any changes are to be made, the client reverts back the instructions.

What type of products will OHP help me in sourcing?

At OHP, we help clients from all over the world to source top-quality Indian handicrafts, furniture, textile and apparel from India. We are a leading sourcing agent in USA and offer top-quality products only from the most verified manufacturers.

What type of services will OHP provide me if I source a product?

If you source a product from us, we will take care of each and everything and ensure that you get a top-quality product. We will take care of manufacturing the product, ensuring its quality, warehousing and storing it and then finally shipping it to the client.

How do product sourcing companies work?

They assist you in identifying product and supplier sources in India, as well as negotiating on your behalf to obtain the best available pricing. Logistics, customs clearance, and product quality inspection are all services provided by buying agencies like OHP.