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You've come to the perfect location if you're searching to source your items from India.

If you want to get your products sourced from India, you’ve come to the most elite sourcing company in Dubai. OHP export-import is one of the greatest sourcing agents in Dubai, providing an all-in-one comprehensive solution for all of your product sourcing requirements. We pay close attention to our clients’ individual demands and go to great lengths to ensure that they are completely satisfied. We provide a clear and personalized plan that is geared to the specific demands of our clients. Our team of qualified sourcing experts is well-versed in India’s manufacturing environment. 

We are one of the most reputable product sourcing firms in Dubai, with a network of over 2000 suppliers distributed across the country. We can also source any product according to our clients’ needs owing to our vast network of producers and distributors. We use all our expertise to link you with top-quality suppliers and give you amazing services, as we have offices in more than ten Indian metro cities.

Services Offered by Us!

We are fortunate to be able to offer our clients a flexible sourcing strategy in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates, among others. We were a leader in dispelling the myth that obtaining products from India is difficult. Putting in all our efforts and going beyond our ways to help our customers have made us the most trusted sourcing agent in Dubai. At OHP, we assure that we find only the most reputable Indian manufacturers with the lowest manufacturing costs while maintaining high product quality. This ensures that we deliver only the best quality products to our customers and that at a very economical price. We offer a very comprehensive sourcing strategy to our clients and the services we offer to our clients are:

Sourcing and product development

We handle it all at OHP from start to finish, including prototypes, testing, samples, manufacturing, and shipping. We offer complete product production and sourcing services. Because of our long and trusted partnerships with our diverse suppliers, we guarantee that you obtain the product of your choice, and that product quality and lead times are never jeopardized. As a result, you can be certain of the items' quality.

Quality assurance and control

We are a major sourcing company in Dubai. We conduct a number of tests, including surface testing, technical testing, and other specialized testing, depending on the goods. If any flaws or faults in the production process are detected, we fix them and then move to the next steps.

Warehousing and supply chain management

Our network of warehouses and fulfillment facilities enables us to simplify supply chain management. We can handle big volumes of inventory from large enterprises as well as inventory from medium and small businesses. Our team of representatives acts as buying agents for our Indian suppliers to facilitate transparency and risk minimization.

Shipment and logistics management

Controlling freight and clearing customs in India is a lengthy process, but our logistics professionals have made it easier for our customers. Whether you need airfreight, LCL, FCL, or air cargo, our team of highly skilled freight forwarders guarantees that your things are carried in a secure manner.

Products We Specialize In

Furniture Sourcing Company in India - OHP Export Import


OHP is India's elite furniture sourcing organization, with a systematic method for sourcing furniture from the country. OHP provides an economical way to assist you in getting a good deal, and we are one of the few sourcing companies that work directly with Indian manufacturers.

Textiles and clothing

If you're looking for a textile sourcing company in Dubai, OHP is the place to go. We specialize in locating raw materials, textiles for the home, and garments. We connect you with the best suppliers who can provide you with the greatest quality, shortest lead time, and best customer service because we are India's first clothing and textile buying agency.

Handicrafts from India

Because the majority of handicrafts are manufactured in rural areas, sourcing handicrafts from India is a challenging task. Finding a handicraft producer who fulfills our quality requirements and then partnering with them takes a huge amount of effort. However, we have a strong relationship with our manufacturers, who can develop any form of handmade product based on the client's requirements.

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Is OHP a trustworthy sourcing firm?

OHP is one of Dubai's best product sourcing brokers, with a track record of happy consumers. We've assisted clients from all around the world with their product procurement requirements.

What is the process of a product sourcing company in India?

They can help you find product and supplier sources in India, as well as negotiate on your behalf for the best possible price. Buying agencies such as OHP provide services such as logistics, customs clearance, and product quality inspection.

What services are provided by OHP businesses?

At OHP, we handle all of your sourcing needs and provide services such as:
  • Product development and sourcing
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Warehousing and supply chain management
  • Shipment and logistics management
  • What if I don't obtain the item I'm looking for?

    It's really annoying when you don't get the goods you wanted or get a poor-quality product because it's a waste of time and resources. At OHP, we address this issue by sending a sample before we begin production so that we can meet the client's requirements. The client reverts back to the instructions if any adjustments are required.

    What items does OHP have available for sourcing?

    For sourcing, we have the following items available:
  • Handicrafts from India
  • Furniture
  • Textiles and clothing
  • How can I tell if the sourcing agent I'm working with is trustworthy?

    There are several measures to determine whether or not you have a trustworthy and confirmed sourcing agency. A reputable sourcing agency would gladly share supplier information with you and may even show you his previous client testimonials. A reputable sourcing agent will never charge a commission fee that isn't disclosed. It is recommended that you schedule an online conference with your agent to clear up any issues or questions you may have.