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Our job is to find the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of India and bring them to you.

Our Products

Sourcing furniture from India has never been easier, OHP provides a cost-effective solution to get you a good price. OHP is the largest furniture buying agency in India, we are one of the only sourcing companies which directly sources from factories in India. We provide a zero-risk service, we fully share manufacturer/factory information with you. No matter if you are a hotel, family home, restaurant or an MNC, we would be happy to bring any of your projects to life. 

If you were in a hunt for a textile sourcing company in India, OHP is the only place to come to. We specialise in sourcing raw material, home fabrics and apparel. Our dynamic team of textile experts do all the groundwork to find the best textile vendors to get you the best price possible in India. Our role as the best apparel and textile buying agents in India is to provide you the best suppliers with the best quality, shortest lead time and greatest customer service.

It’s rare to find a handicraft buying agency in India because sourcing handicraft products is a monumental task because product makers are based in the rural side of India. But at OHP, we make a specialized procurement plan to get you the best price for your products. Our long standing relationship with our product manufacturers lets us procure any kind of products like, decorative items, bamboo products, brass items, copper items, wooden handicrafts, etc. We also help you in supply chain management and quality control.

We are a one stop solution for startups companies and large enterprises looking to source their products in India

No matter if you are a large enterprise or a startup company, if you're looking for product sourcing companies in India, we are a one stop sourcing solution. We provide a transparent and customized plan catered to our clients requirements.

Our team of expert sourcing consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the Indian manufacturing conditions. We make sure that we find you the most reliable Indian manufacturers with the lowest production cost without sacrificing the quality of the product. 

Our offices are based in more than ten cities in India, so we make sure to use our full potential to provide you with quality suppliers and extraordinary service. As of now we are the most trusted sourcing agent in India with a network of more than 2000 suppliers across the states of India. Due to our vast network of manufacturers and suppliers we have the ability to source any product according to our client's needs.


If you ever believed that importing products from India is a nightmare, we are here to break that dogma. We function as a representative of your organization, we use our expertise as trade specialists to find low-cost manufacturing regions in India with the highest standard of quality with the shortest lead time. 

Here at OHP Export Import integrity is at the core of everything we do, our values are what differentiates us from the rest of the herd. As buying agents in India, we are honored to provide a dynamic sourcing strategy to our clients across countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, UAE and many more countries around the world.

At OHP, we handle everything from the ground up, from prototyping, to development, to sampling, to production and all the way through the logistics phase. We provide end to end product manufacturing and sourcing service. We make sure that you get the product of your desire and because of our long ongoing relationship with our portfolio of suppliers, we make sure that product quality and lead times are never compromised.  

We ensure that the produced goods meet the highest standard of quality set by us. For this we perform a multitude of tests like surface testing, technical testing and other specialized testing depending upon the product. We ensure that your products are scrutinized if any production flaws or mistakes are found. So, you can have a peace of mind about the quality of your products. 

Our network of warehouses and fulfilment centers makes for a simple supply chain management. We have the capability to manage high volumes of inventory from large corporate enterprises and can also manage inventories from medium to small enterprises. Our team of representatives act as buying agents for our suppliers in India to ensure transparency and risk minimization.

Managing freight and clearing customs in India is a tedious process. Our logistics team makes the entire logistics process a breeze. Whether you need airfreight, LCL, FCL and air cargo, our team of highly experienced freight forwarders ensure that your goods are delivered in a safe and sound manner.

Our Process

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Once you get in contact with our representative, we can discuss your product specifications, timeline, price and quantity. After we get your requirements, our team will coordinate with our network of suppliers and manufacturers. Then we prepare a free quote and send it to you.


After you have approved your product design, we coordinate with our suppliers to provide you with a sample of your product. Approval of the sample is necessary for production.


When your satisfied with the quote and the sample, we move on to advance payment to start production


Depending upon your product, usually production takes 3-5 weeks. During the production phase we update you with images and videos.

Quality control

Before the production ends, a member of our team performs a quality inspection to ensure that we meet the highest standard of quality. Then we create a quality control report which will be sent to you.

Shipping and Logistics

Once your products are ready they are shipped via air or sea. We also provide a warehousing service to accommodate any orders.

Why Choose Us?

As the leading sourcing agents in India, we are the most dynamic sourcing partners present in India. Our unmatched negotiation skills and effectiveness in communicating with our suppliers, let us get the best deal for our clients. Our work does not end once you get your order - we’re always present for your support after the deal.

Collaborating with us will yield more profit in your business. Due to high buying volumes our team of master negotiators are able to get the best pricing with our manufacturers. 

All your products pass through an inspection criteria and are complied with slavery legislation to ensure that we provide you a robust and an ethical correct sourcing policy. We work with only registered manufacturing partners in India because quality is our top-most priority. 

You don't have to worry about miscommunication and speaking in broken English, all our customer care representatives are trained in English speaking and have excellent communication skills.

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What Client Say

OHP has helped in giving my business a competitive advantage in the United Kingdom. They have helped me produce my custom apparel at a cost-effective manner without any MOQ limitations. Surya was very helpful in setting favorable payment terms and in clearing customs. I will definitely recommend OHP to my close contacts.

Shams W.Pawel

After meeting with Surya and Kunal, I decided to work with them on a special project for my company. Now it’s been 14 months since I started working with them. The best thing about them is they are very transparent about supplier information. I didn’t have to worry about communication, as they are very fluent in English.


People at OHP have helped us manage and grow my supply chains in India, they are very responsive and are experts in their field. We always trust them for the projects we do in India.

Mr. Richard


    They Help you in locating sources of products and suppliers in India, they also negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price ever. Buying agencies like OHP also help you with logistics, custom clearance and product quality inspection. 

    There are a lot of ways to know if your agency is reliable or not, first of all they should not be receiving a hidden commission from the manufacturer although there is no sure way of knowing this, second of all they should freely give you the supplier information. You should make sure that you meet your agent one to one in at least a zoom meeting.  

    An agent generally only works for the buyer, if the seller has quality products then they receive a good export client through the agent.

    Working with a novice agent can be very frustrating and can be a waste of time and capital. A trusted and experienced agency will get you a sample before beginning production, so that the final order is produced as you desired.