Leading Buying Agent for Lighting, Lamp and Shades in India

Are you looking for buying agent for Lighting, Lamp and Shades? OHP Import Export is among leading Indian Sourcing Company. OHP acts as an all inclusive service agency for all your lighting sourcing needs. Some of the products that we help our clients to source are lamps, shades and lighting systems. We are an industry leading company and we have exclusive partnership with the best agents in the country. Being an industry leader, we focus specially on the quality of the product. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and hence, we always ensure that we maintain good relations with our clients.

Our key advantage over competitors in the industry is the expertise of our expert panel who have years of experience in this field. All a customer only needs to put his order, and then just let our experts do the work. Our devoted staff of subject matter specialists begins working on your purchase as soon as possible. They take every precaution to guarantee that they produce the product according to the client’s demands. Contact our buying agents for lights and get your products sources.

Products We Source at OHP Export Import

OHP is a one stop shop for all your lighting needs. We have helped thousands of customers over the years to fulfill their light sourcing needs. From lamps and shades to complex lighting systems, we can source it all for you. Here are some of the lighting products we source:

We deal in all types of lighting systems for all your needs. Whether it is for a room or for a whole skyscraper, our buying agent for lighting can source all sorts of complex lighting systems. You can also source personalized lighting products as per your own specifications. Contact our team today and get your orders fulfilled.
We also source lamps, lanterns and beautifully crafted lights. These items are a perfect addition to the royal and aesthetic lights of your room and make you feel as if you are living in a majestic palace. Contact one of our buying agent for lamps today to know more.
Buying Agent for Lighting, Lamp and Shades - OHP Export Import
Being an all in all shop for your sourcing needs, we deal in a wide array of products. We also deal in shades and other related products. Get in touch with our buying agents for shades and learn more.

Use Of Lightning Products During Festivals

What We Do?

Production Surveillance
A small oversight in product monitoring might have a negative impact on a product's quality. As the top lights buying agent in India, we actively oversee the whole production process and keep a close eye on the quality of the final product.
Social Compliance Audit
Respecting societal norms and standards is highly valued in our firm. To ensure that none of our operations are carried out unethically or that anyone is exploited, our Indian buying agents for lamps go above and beyond.
Manufacturers Audit
Following receipt of the client's order, we evaluate the supplier to see whether they can meet the order's requirements and provide the highest-quality electric products. We do a comprehensive examination of the manufacturer and even consider the feedback from previous customers. Being a worldwide sourcing firm, we exclusively cooperate with the best buyers in India.
Pre-production Inspection
Our major goal is to provide our customers with high-quality items that meet their needs. And without missing a beat, our lights buying agents in India conduct a variety of checks and inspections to achieve this. We provide the consumer a sample of the goods and solicit their opinions. The production process is continued if the customer is pleased.
Complete Sourcing Services
By providing complete sourcing solutions, we serve as our clients' one-stop shop for all sourcing requirements. One of the best sourcing company for lights in India, OHP, provides clients from all over the world with specialised sourcing services.
Logistics Assistance
The main responsibility following production is getting the goods to the consumer. The buying agents of lamps at OHP ensure quick and safe delivery of products at your door step. This ensures a smooth and safe procurement of products.

Items We Source

At OHP, we offer a wide variety of products that we source. From handicrafts to textiles, we have at it all. We partner with the best dealers in the country and provide top quality goods to our customers. Here is a list of products that we help our clients to source:

Clothing and accessories

We help consumers choose different types of apparel based on their needs. Although the apparel business is a continually changing industry, you can fulfil all of your clothing and garment sourcing needs with our help and keep up to date on the newest trends.

Apparel and Garments Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Home Textiles Buying Agent - OHP Export Import

Textile and Household Fabrics

Additionally, the domestic textiles that our sourcing companies work with include curtains, towels, bed sheets, etc. We assist our clients in locating these products in all designs and patterns.

Handicrafts & Home Décor

OHP is the place to go if you’re seeking for high-quality and unique handicrafts and home décor products. Our sourcing company specializes in a wide range of products, including ceramics, flower vases, pots, and wooden handicrafts. We only get our handicrafts from the best artisans in the country who meticulously handcraft amazing works of art.

Handicrafts and Home Decor Sourcing Company - OHP Export Import
Home Furniture Buying Agent - OHP Export Import

Home Furnishing

Our Indian buying agents also sell furniture for the home. To offer the client’s selected product, we work with the best furniture manufacturers. Our sourcing professionals can help you find furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds, tables, dining sets, almirahs, etc. To learn more, get in contact with us.

Lighting, lamps, and shades

We also aid in finding lighting supplies. Dealing with electric products might be difficult, but you can locate a trustworthy source for electric products with the assistance of our skilled and committed team. Our experts work with items like lights, lamps, shades, bulbs, advanced lighting systems, mood lighting systems, etc.

Fashion and Jewellery Buying Agent - OHP Export Import

Jewelry and Fashion

Jewelry and fashion accessories require meticulous attention to detail when they are produced. A slight design change may completely change the product’s look and elegance. To provide our customers exceptional jewellery, our Indian sourcing agents work with premier jewelers. We work with the most elite manufacturers to ensure that we don’t cut corners on the product’s quality.

Frequently Ask Question

Where to buy Diwali Lightning Products?

Diwali, also known as festival of lights, is a major Hindu festival celebrated all over India. People decorate their homes with fancy lights during this period. As a purchasing agent of lights, we help our customers to source all types of lights as per their requirements. You can contact our team to know more.

Is it worth Sourcing Company?

Taking help from a sourcing agency has numerous benefits. It not only reduces your workload, but also helps you to get products of high quality. At OHP, we offer top notch sourcing services to our clients and help them to get products as per their requirements. if you are looking forward to source a product, contact our buying agents for lamps today and learn more.