Among Leading Home Textiles Sourcing Agents in India

Are you looking for Home Textiles Buying Agents in India? OHP Import and Export helps you to find best products sourcing in the country on your behalf following all quality standards. We exclusively partner with the best manufacturers in the country and ensure that we only provide top quality goods to our customers. Integrity and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everyone here at OHP. We believe in making strong connections with our customers. Hence, our executives go beyond their way to ensure that all the needs of our customers are being fulfilled.

Being a leader in this industry, we have successfully helped over thousands of clients in fulfilling all their sourcing needs. Our highly devoted staff provides total support to our customers. We are an elite company that provides top-class textile sourcing services at a very reasonable price. All that a customer has to do is place their order and relax. We will take care of everything else and provide you with top-quality products. Contact one of our home textile buying agents to learn more.

Home Textiles We Source at OHP Export Import

We deal in a wide range of products such as:

Bed Linen Sourcing Agent in India - OHP Export Import
Bed Linen
The materials placed above the mattress of a bed for hygienic purposes, warmth, mattress protection, and aesthetic purposes are referred to as bedding, sometimes known as bedclothes or bed linen. Our textile buying agents in India deal in all types of bed linens.
Bed Sheet
We help our clients to source all types of bed sheets. Bed sheets can be made of different fabrics and different sizes depending upon the length of the beds. With help of our textile buying agents in India, you can get any product of your choice.
Pillow Covers
Pillow covers are an essential part of the whole outlook of a room. Hence, people buy covers that are in accordance with the color scheme of their room. We help our clients to source all types of pillow covers in a huge variety of colors.
Quilts are the best way to keep you warm during the chilly winters of our country. We partner with the best manufacturers in our country and provide top quality quilts to our customers.
We also deal in cushions and cushion covers. We work together with the best cotton manufacturers and source the softest cushions. We can also handle custom orders too.
Kitchen Linen
Kitchenware and kitchen linens are another range of products that we deal in. From aprons to dusting clothes, our home textile buying agents in India will help you to source the products as per your needs.
We also deal in towels and bathroom wear. We only partner with the well known manufacturers in the nation and source the softest and most plushy towels that are gentle on your skin.
Our Indian textile buying agents also help in sourcing doormats. You can even place orders for personally customized doormats as per your needs.
We also deal in a wide range of rugs too. Contact one of our home textile buying agents in India to learn more.

What We Do?

Production Monitoring
A minor error in product monitoring might have a detrimental effect on the caliber of a product. As the leading textile buying agency in India, we carefully monitor every step of manufacturing and pay special attention to the end product's quality.
Audit Of Social Compliance
In our company, upholding social standards and conventions is highly regarded. Our Indian purchasing agents for textile in India go above and above to make sure that none of our activities are conducted unethically or that anyone is abused.
Audit Of Manufacturers
After receiving the client's order, we assess the supplier to determine whether they can deliver the highest-quality electric items while also meeting the customer's specifications. We thoroughly investigate the manufacturer, taking into account even the opinions of prior clients. Being a global sourcing company, we only work with the top Indian buyers.
Pre-production Inspection
Our main objective is to offer our clients high-quality products that satisfy their demands. And to do this without skipping a beat, a number of tests and inspections are carried out by our Indian textile buying agents in India. We provide the customer a sample of the products and ask for their feedback. If the consumer is satisfied, the production process is resumed.
Total Sourcing Solutions
We act as our clients' one-stop destination for all sourcing needs by offering comprehensive sourcing solutions. OHP, one of the leading sourcing companies in India, offers specialised sourcing services to customers from all over the world.
Logistics Support
Getting the items to the consumer comes first, then comes manufacturing. The purchasing representatives for lights at OHP guarantee prompt and secure delivery of goods to your door. This guarantees a simple and secure product acquisition process.

Other Items We Source at OHP Export Import

Clothing and Apparel

Depending on their demands, we assist customers in selecting various clothing kinds. The apparel market is one that is always evolving, but with our assistance, you can meet all of your clothing and garment sourcing needs and stay on top of the latest trends. We are the leading textile sourcing agents in India.

Apparel and Garments Buying Agent - OHP Export Import

Lamps, lighting, and shades

We also support you in locating lighting equipment. Dealing with electric items may be challenging, but with the help of our knowledgeable and dedicated team, you can find a reliable source for electric products. Lights, lamps, shades, bulbs, sophisticated lighting systems, mood lighting systems, etc. are some of the things our professionals work with.

Home Décor and Handicrafts

If you’re looking for distinctive and high-quality handicrafts and home décor items, Handicrafts & Home Décor OHP is the place to go. Ceramics, flower vases, pots, and wooden handicrafts are just a few of the many things that our sourcing firm specialises in. We exclusively purchase our handicrafts from the nation’s top craftsmen, who painstakingly create magnificent pieces of art.

Handicrafts and Home Decor Sourcing Company - OHP Export Import
Home Furniture Buying Agent - OHP Export Import


Furniture for the home and official purposes is also sold by our Indian Furniture buying agents. We collaborate with the top furniture producers to provide the client’s chosen goods. You may locate furniture like couches, chairs, beds, tables, dining sets, almirahs, etc. with the assistance of our sourcing specialists. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Fashion and Jewellery

When they are made, jewellery and fashion accessories must be manufactured with extreme care. The product’s appearance and elegance can be completely altered by a small design modification. Our Indian Fashion Jewellery sourcing agents collaborate with top jewellers to deliver our customers amazing jewellery. To guarantee that we don’t skimp on the quality of the product, we collaborate with the most prestigious manufacturers.

Fashion and Jewellery Buying Agent - OHP Export Import

Frequently Ask Question

What is textile sourcing?

It is possible to locate items with the best quality/price ratio and at the best time through sourcing after rigorous research that starts with the analysis of demands and moves to a market study. Correspondingly, textile sourcing refers to the method of sourcing used in the textile business. Sourcing textile products will not only help you to lower your costs but also will help you to procure top quality goods from the most trusted companies. OHP import export, a textile buying agent in India is a trusted company that will help you to fulfill all your textile sourcing needs.

Where are fabrics sourced in India?

India is home to some of the top fabric manufacturing companies in the world. These companies are scattered throughout the country and produce top quality goods. Cities such as Panipat, Coimbatore, Pune, Ahemdabad, etc. are some of the famous textile cities on India.

Why is fabric sourcing important?

Identifying a source that has the fabric you require for sale is referred to in the business as "fabric sourcing." Fabric sourcing is crucial to the creation of clothing. Fabric procurement is a relatively complex procedure that mostly depends on the fabric type, price, and lead time. Fabric sourcing helps in lot of ways such as time saving, cost cutting, getting top quality goods and many more. Contact our home textile buying agents in India today to learn more.