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Are you looking for home decor buying agencies in India? OHP Import Export is among the best sourcing agent in India. Call us today for home decor sourcing in India! OHP, being the leader in this space, has exclusive relations with the top manufacturers in the country. We always promise top-quality products to our clients and ensure that we deliver our promise every time. We also try to promote local artisans and provide them with a livelihood. At OHP, all you need to do is just place your order and leave the rest on us. We take full responsibility at every step from manufacturing to transportation.
Our highly efficient staff will be at your disposal 24×7 to take care of all your needs. Our past history speaks for itself and to date, we have successfully delivered thousands of top-quality orders. So if you are looking for a top and reliable home décor buying agent, call us today!

Importance Of Home Décor

Home décor and interior design plays a vital role in the outlook and energy level
of a house. A properly furnished and designed room will definitely uplift your
mood and make you feel escalated. On the other hand, if your room is not well
maintained or cluttered, you will feel clumsy and moody. Here are some reasons
that justify the importance of home décor:

Home décor items such as lamps and plant vases play an important role in setting the mood of the resident. Home décor items make your room look more beautiful and will definitely make you feel like you are living in a luxurious hotel.

A beautifully crafted bookshelf or almirah comes in really handy when you are trying to add furniture to your room but at the same time make it look aesthetic. Our home décor purchasing agents have a wide range of products for you that you will definitely love.

Décor items have a major role in the energy levels of a room. A room that is beautifully furnished will make a person really cheerful and joyous. Having indoor plants or earthen pots can cheer your mood whenever you are feeling low.

What We Source at OHP Export Import?

We deal in a wide range of products such as:

Handicraft Home Furnishing Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Handicrafts and Home Furnishings
Handicrafts & Home Décor OHP is the place to go if you're seeking for unique and high-quality handicrafts and home décor goods. Our sourcing company specialises in a wide range of items, including ceramics, flower vases, pots, and wooden handicrafts. Only the best artisans in the country, who tirelessly produce amazing works of art, supply us with our handicrafts..
Home Textiles Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Clothes and Accessories
We help consumers choose different clothing types based on their needs. The apparel industry is always changing, but with our help, you can fulfill all of your sourcing requirements for clothes and garments and keep up with the most recent trends. We are India's top textile sourcing agencies.
Home and Textiles
Our sourcing companies also employ household textiles like bed linens, towels, and curtains. We assist our consumers in locating these products in a variety of designs and hues. We deal in domestic goods such bed linens, mats, rugs, cushions, and bed sheets.

What We Do?
At OHP, we follow a strict process to make sure that we maintain the product quality and satisfy all the needs of our customers too. Here are some of the things we do that simply make us the best:

Production Vigilance
Being able to monitor the product quality during production manufacture is one of the most important steps. A product can decline due to a tiny bit of oversight in product monitoring. Keeping a careful eye on the product's quality and attentively observing the whole production process is what we do as a prominent Indian fashion jewellery buying agent.
Audit Of Manufacturers
Our primary goal is to supply our customers with high-quality items that meet their needs. And in order to achieve so, our Indian sourcing agents execute a number of inspections and audits, going above and beyond. Even before the production process starts, they do a check. Customer reviews are requested when we provide them a sample of the product. The production procedure is carried out if the client is happy. In the event that he is not pleased, we make adjustments in accordance with his directions. Customer satisfaction and quality control are of the highest significance to our home decor sourcing company.
Pre-production Inspection
Following receipt of the client's order, we investigate the manufacturer to see whether they can meet the demand and provide the highest-quality goods. In addition to conducting a thorough audit of the manufacturer, we also consider the feedback from previous customers. Only after our specialists are certain that the manufacturer is reliable and capable of meeting the specifications do we proceed and make the order. We exclusively cooperate with the nation's top jewellery manufacturers because we are a worldwide fashion jewellery sourcing company.
Total Sourcing Solutions
With our extensive sourcing solutions, we serve as a one-stop shop for all of our client's sourcing requirements. One of the top sourcing firms in India, OHP provides customized sourcing services to customers from all over the world. We are a leading jewellery sourcing company in India and provide world class crafted jewellery to our clients. From manufacturing to transporting, we do everything for our clients. Being the best fashion jewellery sourcing company in India, we make sure that our customers are always satisfied.
Logistics Support
Shipping the goods to the customer is the next significant step once the production process is finished. Complete logistical assistance is provided by our sourcing representatives, who also ensure that goods are delivered to clients without incident. Our product sourcing company, a leader in the sector, handles every stage of the process, from manufacturing to delivery. We are the top international jewellery sourcing firm in India as a result of all these criteria. We promise to deliver the products safely and swiftly to our clients.

Frequently Ask Question

What is home décor sourcing sourcing?

After thorough research that starts with a demand analysis and progresses to a market study, it is feasible to source products with the best quality at the optimum time. Similarly, the term "home décor sourcing" refers to the sourcing strategy utilised in the décor industry. Sourcing home décor items can not only help you save money, but it will also let you to get high-quality products from reputable suppliers. A reputable business that can assist you in meeting all your home decor sourcing needs is OHP import export, a home décor buying agent.

How do I find a home decor manufacturer?

There are several manufacturing firms producing home décor goods over the world, but how can you pick the best and most reliable one? Start by looking for trade shows, attending networking events, and going to fairs put on by décor organisations. It is a great opportunity to network and locate several manufacturing companies in one place. You shouldn't be afraid to express any concerns or questions you may have about their aptitude. Most companies will provide samples that highlight their knowledge and breadth of production. It's a fantastic opportunity for people who are new to the décor industry to learn more about it!

Why is home decor sourcing important?

"Home decor sourcing" is the term used in the industry to describe finding a supplier that sells the décor items that you need. The process of purchasing décor items may be rather complicated and is mostly influenced by the quality, kind, cost, and lead time of the item. Numerous benefits of home décor items sourcing include time and money savings, improved product quality, and many more. To discover more, get in touch with our home decor purchasing agents in India.