Wholesale Cashew Supplier

OHP is one of the Prominent Cashew exporter, supplier and sourcing agent from India.

OHP is a top cashew supplier and exporter in India, we have grown ourselves to become the finest and the largest exporter of cashew nuts in india due to the quality of our cashew nuts. Our products are chosen by the finest hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, food product manufacturers, restaurants, etc. Your immediate question might be why? It is because our cashews are the freshest, appetizing nuts in the world. 

As the largest wholesale cashew nuts suppliers in India, we offer superior quality cashews at a very competitive price, this is one of the reasons why our buyers keep coming back to us.  OHP takes pride in the fact we are on the top of the chain in providing the best service to our customers. We are also committed to persistent improvements in our processes and our customer service to become the very best. 

Unlike many other nuts, cashews provide a wide range of nutrients such heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, dietary fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Cashew nuts are an excellent source of antioxidants such as polyphenols and carotenoids, cashews contain a broad range of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Cashew nuts help reduce cholesterol, support heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes and they taste damn amazing. This is the principle cause why cashew nuts are loved around the world.


OHP Export Import brings forth the best quality of cashews from India to you. As the leading Cashew nuts supplier and exporter in India, we make sure our cashews are packaged in proper food-grade packaging, so that the quality and taste is retained. Our customers can get our cashews in different packaging, sizes and forms. 

Client Testimonials

Probably the best quality cashews I’ve got from india. These cashews are delicious. OHP Export Import has the best tasting cashews you can get out of india. I love their customer service and on-time delivery.

I’m an importer of cashews in australia, I was going through the internet looking for a reliable wholesale cashew nuts suppliers in india, that was when I found OHP Export Import Pvt Ltd and I can say this with confidence that they are the best exporters of cashew nuts available in India with the best quality and range of cashew nuts. Recommended!

OHP has the widest range of cashew nuts grades, they have all the way from W-180 to W-450. They also help you with logistics and custom clearance. I loved their customer service and I will keep buying from them in the future and also recommend them to my close contacts.

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    We generally reply in less than 8 hours!


    How can I place an order ?

    You can fill in the request quote form mentioned above and we will contact you in less than 12 hours. You can also email us at info@ohpexportimport.com and call us at +91 8448311526.

    Where are your cashew nuts sourced from india?

    As cashew nut dealers and exporters in India, we procure our cashew nuts from districts of southern Maharashtra and northern Karnataka.

    What payment terms and incoterms do you offer?

    We majorly provide FOB, CnF and CIF, We generally take advance payment before delivery.

    I want to import your cashew in the EU, so do you have the registrations and documents for it and are your cashew nuts organic ?

    Yes, we have all the documents you require to import in the EU like GMP, ISO, etc. And yes all our cashews are organic and Non- GMO.

    Do you have an MOQ, if yes then how much?

    Yes, we do have a MOQ. You can contact us regarding this.

    Do you have US FDA registration of food facilities?

    Yes, our manufacturers have US FDA, GMP and FSSAI.