Perfect Indian Buying Agents for Export and Import Needs

Are you looking for Indian Buying Agents for Export and Import? OHP Import Export is among the top Buying Agency in India. Contact us today and get solutions for all your sourcing needs. Being a leader in our field, we have high standards for quality and only work with top-tier organizations. Only the greatest producers in the nation are teamed up with by our specialists, who also guarantee that the products are of the highest caliber.

Here at OHP, customer satisfaction is our first priority. As a result, we continuously strive to give our customers the best. A customer only needs to put his order, then rest. Our devoted staff of subject matter specialists begins working on your purchase as soon as you place your order. They take every precaution to guarantee that they produce the product in accordance with the client’s demands. We are no doubt the best buying agents in India.

Sourcing Items - Leading Indian buying Agent

At OHP, we handle all of our clients’ sourcing requirements. We work with a wide range of items to give our clients high-quality products. Here are some examples of the goods we source:

Apparel and Garments Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Garments and Apparel
Depending on their needs, we assist clients in locating various kinds of clothing. The apparel market is a rapidly evolving field, but with our assistance, you can meet all of your clothing and garment sourcing demands and stay on top of the latest fashions.
Home Textiles Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Fabric and Home Textiles
Additionally, our sourcing agencies work with household fabrics and home textiles like curtains, towels, bed sheets, etc. We support our customers in locating these goods in all patterns and styles.
Handicrafts and Home Decor Sourcing Company - OHP Export Import
Handicraft and Home Decor
If you're looking for top-notch and distinctive handicrafts and home décor goods, Handicrafts and Home Décor OHP is the place to go. Our sourcing organization specializes in a variety of goods, including wooden handicrafts, flower vases, pots, and ceramics. We exclusively purchase our handicrafts from the top craftsmen in the nation who create incredible works of art by hand.
Lamps, Lighting, and Shade
We also provide assistance in sourcing lighting products. Dealing with electric items may be quite challenging, but with the help of our knowledgeable and devoted team, you can find a reliable source for electric products. Products like lights, lamps, shades, bulbs, sophisticated lighting systems, mood lighting systems, etc. are all things that our professionals deal with.
Fashion and Jewellery Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Fashion And Jewellery
When made, jewellery and fashion accessories take a lot of attention to detail. The appearance and elegance of the product can be destroyed by a minor design alteration. Our Indian sourcing agents collaborate with top-tier jewellers to provide our customers exclusive jewellery. We make sure we don't skimp on the quality of the product by cooperating with the most exclusive.
Bed Linen Sourcing Agent in India - OHP Export Import
Home Furnishings
Home furnishings are another thing that our Indian buying agents sell. We collaborate with the top furniture producers to deliver the client's preferred product. You may get assistance from our sourcing specialists while looking for furniture including couches, chairs, beds, tables, dining sets, almirahs, etc. Get in touch with us to find out more.

What We Do?

Production Monitoring
Manufacturing monitoring, which involves keeping an eye on the quality of the finished products, is one of the most crucial processes in the production process. A slight lapse in product monitoring might have a detrimental influence on the quality of a product. We actively manage the whole production process and maintain a close watch on the product's quality as a leading clothing procurement agent in India.
Social Compliance Audit
At our company, adhering to social conventions and rules is highly regarded. We take care to correctly adhere to all directives and laws and ordinances. The buying agents for export at our product sourcing company go above and above to make sure that none of our activities are carried out immorally or that anyone is exploited. We won't put up with underage labor or staff abuse.
Audit of Manufacturers
After receiving the client's order, we assess the supplier to check if they can fulfil the order and deliver the best quality items. We do a thorough investigation into the manufacturer and even take into account prior clients' opinions. We don't move on with placing the order unless our specialists are certain that the manufacturer is dependable and capable of fulfilling the standards. Being a global sourcing company, we only work with India's top buying agents.
Pre-production Inspection
Our main objective is to give our clients high-quality products that satisfy their demands. And in order to do this, our buying agents in India carry out a range of audits and inspections, not skipping a beat. They do a check even before the production process begins. We offer a sample of the product to the customer and ask for feedback. If the client is satisfied, the production process is continued. If not, we alter as needed to satisfy the client's needs until he is satisfied. Our garment sourcing firm places the utmost priority on customer satisfaction and quality assurance.
Purchasing Options
We act as our clients' one-stop shop for all sourcing needs by offering comprehensive sourcing solutions. OHP, one of the top fabric sourcing companies in India, offers specialised sourcing services to clients from all over the world.
Logistics Support
After the production process is over, sending the products to the consumer is the major duty. Our sourcing agents in India offer complete logistical support and make sure that the items arrive to the client without a hitch. Our product sourcing business, which is a pioneer in the industry, manages the entire process, from product conception to delivery. Due to all of these factors, we are India's top international sourcing business.

Frequently Ask Question

What is a buying agent in export?

An agent who makes purchases on behalf of international clients is known as a buying agent. The purchasing agency represents and purchases a certain sort of goods inside a particular region, which may consist of one or more nations. OHP is one of the leading buying agent in India. We have helped thousands of customers, both domestically and internationally to fulfill their sourcing needs.

Is it worth using a buying agent?

A buying agent in India can help you significantly to get your product sourced and to cut your costs. OHP, being the best Indian buying agent deals with the best product sourcing experts in the country and will help you to fulfill your sourcing needs.

What is difference between buyer and purchasing agent?

For their firm, buyers and purchasing agents acquire products and services. Buyers are those who purchase completed items like clothing or furnishings. Those who acquire the components and supplies used to manufacture items are known as purchasing agents or purchasers. Our company, helps buyers to connect with the best agents so that they can source top quality products.