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Are you looking for a domestic garment buyer and buying agent in India? OHP Export import is among the leading Indian apparel-buying agent. Contact us today to know more about our services! OHP is among the top sourcing companies in India and our client history speaks for itself. We deal in a lot of products and also provide the service as a fabric buying agent. Being an industry leader, we have strict quality measures and we only partner with world-class companies. Our expert staff is the main strength that sets us apart from everyone else in the market. Our experts only team up with the best producers in the country and make sure that product quality is up to the mark.

Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle here at OHP. Hence, we always try to deliver only the best to our clients. All a client has to do is just place his order and sit back and relax. As soon as you place your order, our dedicated team of experts gets to work and put in all their efforts. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that they manufacture the product as per the specifications of the client. If you are looking forward to getting your apparel product sourced from a reputed fabric buying agent in India, then contact our team today!

Categories in Which We Deal

Apparel, Garments and Fabric Buying Agents - OHP Export Import
Men's Garments
We deal in all types of men’s garments such as shirts, pants, t-shirts, shorts, coats, suits, etc. The fashion industry is a rapidly changing industry. But with our help, you can easily cope with all these changes and take the advantage of being the first one in the market. We can manufacture the garments in a variety of colors as well as in all sizes. Being a top fabric buying agent in India, we only deal with the best manufacturers in the country and adhere to strict quality control measures. So if you want to source any type of men’s wear, contact us.
Women's Clothing
The fashion world for women is just never ending. New fashion trends and fads set in everyday sending all the pretty ladies in a shopping frenzy. If you are a business looking for buying agents for garments in India, then you are in the right place. We take orders of women’s wear like skirts, tops, pants, jeans, etc. Just name the item you need to get sourced and our experts will look after all your sourcing needs. Our comprehensive quality measures ensure that our clients only get top quality products. All these factors make us a leading domestic garment buyer in India.
Kids Garments
Whether it is a cute little jumper or a beautiful baby frock, we source it all. Our sourcing experts take care of all your sourcing needs. The baby fashion industry is ever changing so suppliers have to keep in pace with all the hot trends. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with top fabric buying agents in India, we can fulfill all the orders of our clients quite smoothly. All you need to do is tell the specifications of the products you need and that’s it. We take care of all the steps and provide you with the finished product. So contact us now and fulfill your kids wear sourcing needs from the best apparel buying agents in India.

What We Do?

Production Monitoring

One of the most important steps in production is production monitoring since it entails keeping a check on the goods' quality. A product's quality can be negatively impacted by a tiny bit of oversight in product monitoring. As a top apparel buying agent in India, we actively control the whole production process and keep a close eye on the product's quality.

Social Compliance Audit

Here at our organization, following social norms and regulations is highly valued. We make care to correctly follow all instructions and conform to all laws and ordinances. The professionals at our product sourcing organization take extra care to ensure that none of our operations are conducted immorally and that no one is taken advantage of. We will not tolerate child labor or employee exploitation.

Manufacturers Audit

We examine the supplier to see whether they can complete the order and provide the highest quality goods after receiving the client's order. We carry out an in-depth audit of the manufacturer and even consider the evaluation of their previous customers. Only after our specialists are certain that the manufacturer is reliable and capable of meeting the specifications do we proceed and make the order. Being a worldwide sourcing firm, we exclusively cooperate with the top domestic garment buyers in India.

Pre-production Inspection

Our primary goal is to supply our customers with high-quality items that meet their needs. And in order to do this, our Indian garment buying agents execute a variety of inspections and audits, leaving no stone left. Even before the production process starts, they do a check. We provide the client with a sample of the product and request feedback. We continue with the production process if the client is happy. If not, we make adjustments in accordance with the client's requests until he is happy. Customer satisfaction and quality control are of the highest significance to our apparel sourcing company.

Sourcing Services

We provide complete sourcing solutions and serve as our clients' one-stop shop for all sourcing requirements. OHP provides specialized sourcing services to customers from all over the world as one of the leading fabric sourcing firms in India.

Logistics Assistance

The main responsibility following completion of the production process is shipping the goods to the customer. Our sourcing representatives provide total logistical assistance and ensure that goods are delivered to the client without incident. Being a pioneer in the field, our product sourcing company handles every process, from product creation to delivery. We are the top global sourcing firm in India as a result of all these criteria.

Frequently Ask Question

How do you approach a garment buyer?

If you are trying to approach or contact a trusted apparel buying agent, then you are in the right place. At OHP, we connect our clients with the best garment buyer who manufacture top quality garments. It can be difficult to locate a reputed garment buyer but our experts make this process quite simple for our clients. Contact our team today to learn more.

Where can I find buyers for garment exports?

Locating trusted domestic garment buyers in India can be a difficult task. But not at OHP because our expert team will help you to find world class manufacturers. Our team connects with industry leading companies who can fulfill your orders as per your needs. So once you place your order, you can just sit back and relax and leave all the work to our experts.

Where can I find online buyers in India?

OHP is the place where you need to be if you want to find apparel buying agents in India. Our experts are industry leaders in this field and will guide you in the right direction. Being the best apparel buying agency, we take care of all the needs of our clients and ensure customer satisfaction.