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Are you looking for a trusted product sourcing agent in India? Then you are in the right place because OHP import export helps you to fulfill all your import-export needs. Call us today and get more information about how we help you! We are a leading Indian sourcing Agency  that deals in a variety of products. We have helped thousands of companies to fulfill their sourcing requirements and history speaks for itself. Product quality and customer satisfaction are given utmost importance at our company. We adhere to our core values and that simply makes us the best international sourcing company in India.


At OHP, we take care of all the processes of sourcing from manufacturing to transporting. So once you place your order, you can just sit back and relax. Our sourcing experts will supervise the whole process for you and make sure that you get a high-quality product. We perform a series of checks and undertake strict measures to ensure quality control. Contact us to know more about our company and how we help you to source products.

Best Global Sourcing Company in India - OHP Export Import

Sourcing Items We Deal at OHP Export Import

At OHP Export Import, we take care of all the sourcing needs of our clients. We deal in a variety of products of provide top quality goods to our customers. Here are some of the products that we source:

Apparel and Garments Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Apparels and Garments
We help our clients in sourcing all types of garments and clothes as per their requirements. The garment industry is a fast changing world, but with our help you can fulfill all your apparel and garment sourcing needs and keep up with the trends.
Home Textiles Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Home Textile and Fabric
Our sourcing agents also deal in home textiles such as curtains, towels, bed sheets, etc. We help our clients in sourcing these products in all patterns and designs.
Handicrafts and Home Decor Sourcing Company - OHP Export Import
Handicrafts and Home Décor
OHP is your go to option if you want to source top quality and unique handicrafts and home décor items. Flower vases, pots, pottery, wooden handicrafts, etc are some of the products that our sourcing company deals in. We only source our handicrafts from the best artisans in the country who make world class hand made masterpieces.
Bed Linen Sourcing Agent in India - OHP Export Import
Home Furniture
Our Indian product sourcing company deals in home furniture items too. We partner will the best furniture manufacturers and provide the client with the product of their choice. Our sourcing experts can help you to source furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds, tables, dining sets, almirahs, etc. Contact our team to learn more
Lighting, Lamps and Shade
We also offer lighting product sourcing services too. Dealing in electric products can be really difficult but with our experts and committed team, you can get a trusted electric product sourcing company. Our experts deal in products such as lights, lamps, shades, bulbs, mood lighting systems, fancy lighting systems, etc.
Fashion and Jewellery Buying Agent - OHP Export Import
Fashion and Jewellery
Jewellery and fashion accessories require a deal of great detail while being manufactured. A slight change in design can ruin the look and the elegancy of the product. Our Indian sourcing agents partner with the best in class jewelers and provide unique jewellery to our clients. By partnering with the most exclusive manufactures, we ensure that we don’t compromise with the quality of the product.

What We Do? - As a Indian Sourcing Agent

Production Monitoring

Production manufacturing is one of the most critical step as it involves keeping a check on the quality of the products. A slight negligence in monitoring the product can lead to a degraded product. As India’s leading sourcing agent, we keep a close check on the quality of the product and monitor the whole production process very closely.

Social Compliance Audit

Complying with the social rules and regulations is given high priority here at our company. We make sure that we adhere to all the rules and regulations and follow all the guidelines properly. The experts at our product sourcing company take special care that all our processes take place in a morally correct manner and no person is exploited. We have zero tolerance for employee exploitation and child labor.

Manufacturers Audit

After receiving the order from client, we survey the manufacturer to see whether they are capable of fulfilling the order and offer the best quality product. We perform a thorough audit of the manufacturer and even take into account the review of their past clients too. We move forward and place the order only if our experts are convinced that the manufacturer is good and can fulfill the requirements. Being a global sourcing company, we only work with the best manufacturers in the country.

Pre-production Inspection

Our main aim is to provide top quality products to our clients as per their requirements. And to do so, our Indian sourcing agents leave no stone unturned and perform a series of checks and audits. They even perform a check before the production process begins. We send a sample of the product to the client and ask for reviews. If the client is satisfied, then we move forward with the production process.

Complete Sourcing Services

We are a one stop company for all the sourcing needs of our clients and offer comprehensive sourcing solutions. OHP, being one of the best sourcing companies in India, offers exclusive sourcing services to clients from all around the world.

Logistics Support

After the manufacturing process is completed, the next big task is to ship the products to the client. Our sourcing agents offer complete logistics support and facilitate smooth delivery of products to the client. Being an industry leader our product sourcing firm takes care of all the steps from manufacturing to the delivery of goods. All these factors make us the best international sourcing company in India.

Frequently Ask Question

How do I find a sourcing agent?

Finding a reputable reputable sourcing company in India can be a hectic task. But when you choose OHP import export, you can be sure of getting only the top quality products. Just place your order and sit back and relax as our experts will take care of all your sourcing needs. We are an elite Indian sourcing company who are the leaders in this industry.

What is a global sourcing company?

A company can save money by employing low-cost raw materials or skilled labour from low-cost nations by using the global sourcing approach, which involves purchasing goods and services across geopolitical boundaries. A global sourcing company helps a business to source their desired products from a foreign country very efficiently. OHP is one of the global sourcing companies in India. Contact us to know more!

How do you Source a Product?

Sourcing a product means buying the product from a manufacturer or a supplier and then retailing the product. Companies source the product from countries where factors of production are comparatively cost less so as to reduce their costs. Sourcing a product can be a difficult task. At OHP, we take care of all your sourcing needs and simplify the whole process for you.