Leading Import Export
Company in India

Apart from being buying agents, we are also the best import export company in India. We not only export our own products, we also help businesses export and import their products.

What we do?

Product Sourcing Agent
We work as a local partner for foreign companies to source them the best quality products at a competitive price point as per the clients requirements.
Import Agent
Indian companies which want to import products from abroad are provided with our service as an import agent. We provide a fully transparent import service to our clients.
Our aim is to export India’s highest quality products to the world. We deal in textiles, handicrafts, furniture, etc.

Why Choose Us

Your Benefits of collaborating with our company

As one of the leading product sourcing agencies and exporters of handicraft goods, we always strive to be the best in the game. We have kept our customers and clients first, our unique selling proposition is our customer service. We always have kept by the principles of fair trade, we have always kept our workers with us in this journey. By partnering with us, you will also be involved with us in this amazing journey. 

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OHP Export Import has been the greatest partner for the past 15 months. They have helped me develop my concept into a manufacturable product. They are very responsive, well informed and transparent about their work, it’s a pleasure working with them.

Surya is a remarkably talented young businessman. He has a true sense of the business reality in India. What impressed me about OHP Export Import is how professional and easy to communicate they are. Will totally recommend their services to my close friends.

People at OHP Export Import have cracked the code of teamwork, which is the most important cornerstone to business success. They have helped manage and grow my supply chains. OHP is the place to go to get quality products at a competitive price.

    OHP Export Import Pvt Ltd is the leading product sourcing agency involved in providing product development, logistics services to clients around the world. We are also the leading suppliers of Indian handicrafts, our export destinations involve the United states, Australia, Europe, etc.